Consum-mate Site Survey

Please take a moment to tell me what you would like from me! With the intent of offering you the help and services that you really want and would fully utilize, I need your input. By filling out the following survey you would help me to make Consum-mate the place that can assist you in any and all of your relationship building needs.


Which of the following services would you be most interested in?

    E-mail classes (1 class per issue)
    Tele-classes held by phone for (as few as) 1 up to 8 sessions
    All of the above

Which of the following features on the site would you be likely to utilize?

    Relationship articles
    Relationship quizzes
    Question and answer format. You send in questions and I will answer 2 per week on the site.
    All of the above

What topic would you most like to see addressed in articles?

    How/where to meet other singles
    Tips for good dating experiences
    Dating do's and don'ts
    How to talk to your date
    Past relationship hang-ups
    Reading your date's signals right
    How men really feel about commitment
    How women really feel about hooking up
    How to say what you really feel- relationship communication
    Important elements of all healthy relationships

What topic would you be interested in seeing offered as an email class?

    Help with meeting other singles
    Successful dating information and help
    Effective communication in intimate relationships
    Knowing if you are relationship ready
    Healing from the hurts of a failed relationship
    Important variables in successful relationships
    How to communicate with the opposite sex
    Knowing if you are ready for commitment
    Understanding the new rules of dating and relationships
    How to read the signals right

Would you be interested in receiving email updates on new features and resources as they are added to the site?

    Yes No

Thank you for taking the time to assist me in helping you create your healthy, lasting relationship.