Contemplating Divorce

Fast Self-Help
or Help For Any Problematic Relationship

Do you have an urgent need for help with a problem you are struggling with or a problem with a co-worker, friend, family member, love interest or partner?

Our physical and mental health and our relationships with others can be impacted by life changes and challenges that are not well managed. This can lead to a downward spiral into depression and anger or conflict, sudden distance, and/or a loss of trust and goodwill in the relationships we have with others. When this happens, immediate expert intervention and help with problem solving can help turn the situation around before too much damage is done.

Consum-mate can provide you with a one-session crisis meeting that will give you the help you need. Our approach is to quickly identify the problem issues and come up with strategies and resources to address them. When it is a relationship communication issue, we can break this down and help you take immediate steps and try new approaches that can help you to get the results you are seeking.

Both self-help and relationship help need to be tailored to your specific situation, otherwise you can waste precious time while your problem grows into a crisis that may be difficult to turn around. We have helped many people like you who have no other place to turn for fast and effective help. Friends and loved ones can and should offer support and caring. However, they cannot give you the expert and unbiased feedback and solutions that we can.

Think about it. What is more important in your life than your well-being and your relationships with others? Begin now by getting expert advice from a seasoned professional who has helped many people address and resolve their self-help and relationship challenges. We will teach you to use the right tools and create the best interventions for the problems that you are presently encountering and/or may be faced with in the future.

This session can be scheduled from 30 minutes up to one hour. You choose the amount of time you need.

  • 30 minute relationship help session - $75
  • One hour relationship help session - $150
  • Monthly coaching or counseling sessions - 400.00

This session is conducted via telephone or by using my virtual office. Once we connect you can decide which works best for you

The first step is to email Toni at to arrange for your session. Then make your payment for a Fast Help session, a single coaching or counseling session, or for on-going monthly coaching or counseling sessions by using the button below. You will need to calculate and input the correct amount for the service you are requesting.