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Dear Dating Coach Columns

Self growth & Self Improvement
I'm Available, Attractive and Out There: What am I Doing Wrong? 10-2003
Does Trust Mean Never Getting Hurt or Having To Say You Are Sorry? 1-2004
Being Single in a "Coupled" World 3-2005
Parents as Role Models for Love 11-2008
Relationship Challenges
Relocating For Love: How/When is this Decision Made? 8-2003
It may not be Meant to be 5-2004
Meeting His/Her family for the First Time 12-2004
Is Sharing Your Partner Ever a Good Idea? 4-2005
She Loves Me - She Loves Me Not 10-2005
Trust is a Relationship Cornerstone 1-2006
The Meaning of "Taking a Break" 12-2006
Are His Attractions All Skin Deep? 8-2009
In love with a sexual addict 10-2010
In love with a "bad girl" 1-2011
Hinting about wanting to end relationship 3-2011
Am I mixed up with Mr. Really Wrong? 4-2011
To love, honor and live with obesity 9-2011
The Reluctant Stepboyfriend 3-2012
Help With Dating
Where Do You Meet Ms. Right? 4-2003
So Where DO You Meet Mr Right? 4-2003
He's Interested and I'm Not; and Vice Versa 5-2003
More on communicating Interest 6-2003
Communicating Interest vs Coming On Too Strong 6-2003
How Do You Know When You Have Met "The One?" 12-2003
He Pays, She Pays- A New Dating Norm? 7-2004
The Serial Dater 8-2005
Always the girl friend, Never the Girlfriend 5-2006
Dating by the Rules 9-2006
Phobic About Bad Dates 11-2006
Never Been Kissed 7-2007
In Search of the Real Thing 1-2008
Am I Wasting My Time With a FWB Relationship? 1-2009
Tired of Feeling like Every Woman's Brother 9-2009
Tired of Always Settling 10-2009
Interested in (possibly) someone else's FWB 6-2011
Is it OK to date more than one man at a time? 8-2011
Cramming for that first date 1-2012
An older but not necessarily wiser dater 9-2012
Soul mates or Something else
Risking friendship For Love 1-2005
The Vacation-less Relationship 10-2007
Roommates With benefits or More 12-2007
Is It Real Interest Or Nostalgia? 4-2008
Friends or More? 7-2009
The Pursuing-Distancing Relationship Dynamic 10-2011
Down and Confused About Being Dumped 1-2013
Online Dating
Are Online "Dates" Really Dating? 3-2004
Chemistry Has Several Elements 10-2004
How, When and What Do I Share about My Past? 6-2005
The Challenges of meeting online 4-2006
Separated But Not Single 6-2006
The "How We Met" Cover Story 10-2006
The Art of Online Courtship 2-2007
The Downside to Online Dating 4-2007
Problems with communication
She's Interested and I'm Not; and Vice Versa 5-2003
New Relationship Communication 11-2004
When Dr Jekyl Becomes Mr. Hyde 5-2005
The Reluctant Boyfriend 11-2005
"Letting Him Down Easily" Requires Honesty 2-2006
A Problem With Technology or a Mixed Message? 5-2008
Attraction and chemistry
Knowing this is "The One" vs Settling 7-2003
A Good Example of the Wrong Chemistry 2-2004
Do the clothes make the Man? 7-2005
Help For the Flirting Challenged 12-2005
Falling For the Man She Sees Every Day 7-2006
Falling in Love too Fast? 1-2007
I Know He Said, "Just Friends," But... 5-2007
Do Women Need to Look Up to Men? 9-2007
Just Not That Into Her? 2-2008
Chemistry and Online dating 7-2008
Missing the Right Chemical Connection 4-2009
Too Ugly to Date? 11-2010
Holiday help for Singles
Thanksgiving is a Holiday for Everyone 11-2003
Compatibility Issues
Does Opposite Mean Incompatible? 8-2003
Haunted by HER Past Sexual Encounters 4-2004
Nice Guy vs Bad Boy- What Does She Want? 6-2004
Is it Religious Incompatibility or Something Else? 8-2004
Are long Distance Relationships doomed from the start? 2-2005
Handling red Flags in Dating 3-2006
Lonely Boomer Guy Seeks Compatible (younger) Women 8-2007
A Place in His Heart- or Holding a Place for Someone Else? 11-2007
Is it Me, Is it Her, or is it Us? 3-2008
Right Chemistry But Wrong Religion? 6-2008
Relationship Cold feet 9-2010
Grieving Lost Love
Letting a Past Love Go 9-2003
How do You Know What to Believe? 9-2004
Getting Closure When It's Over 9-2005
Being "Nice" Holds No Guarantees 9-2008
When love vanishes 7-2010


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